Leadership Keeps Suzanne’s Biz Running Strong!

SusanSeighnew2_nBecause of her Leadership success, Suzanne Seigh was able to pay her daughters’ softball fees, a much-needed family vacation and rewards for her Encore! Unit.

The Unit Leader of the Champions Region attributes a major part of her recent financial boost to LeaderBuck$. She’s earned income with LeaderBuck$ – a bonus program that rewards Leaders for growing Unit sales and consistent sponsoring – for the past eight months, which included an extra $447.24 in October.

“We work together toward our monthly goal, consistently booking and holding Parties, and focusing on sponsoring leads,” says Suzanne, who resides in Denver, Colorado. “We have an active, motivating Facebook group for our Unit, and we are very supportive of each other’s efforts. I believe this has been the main ingredient in our continued success.”

Suzanne’s cumulative sales are up 37.5% over 2014 and sponsoring jumped by 314% over the same period! WOW!

The LeaderBuck$ program has been the catalyst I needed to focus more on my personal home-based business and the growth of our Unit,” she says. “I truly believe that you get what you give, and I have the most amazing Unit a Leader could ever ask for.”

What a great success story, Suzanne!