PartyLite Businesses Taking New Year Leap!

JessicaHumphreysSpotLite_nJessica Humphreys and Jodi Sheldrick turned their home-based businesses around after a slow start to December.

Jessica used some words of encouragement from District Leader Susan Auger to make the push that helped turn it all around as 2016 approached.

“Needless to say, as of today, I am at $506 in sales,” says Jessica, a Team Builder in the Livin’ & Lovin’ Lite Region and resident of Penacook, New Hampshire. “I pushed and pushed, and I’m so proud I did not give up when I was feeling down. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to it.”

JodiSheldrickSpotLite_nJodi, a Team Builder in the Lite Your Future Region, also maintained her focus after dealing with a couple of cancelled Parties to achieve some AMAZING results as 2016 approached. Sharing the awesome Host and Guest specials through text messages and Facebook posts literally paid off for the Sand Lake, New York, resident’s business with Party sales of $764.80 and $218.20 in online sales.

“I get paid and I get to take advantage of Host specials and free product. I even booked two Parties for January. Plus, I am able to stay on track with the trip to Cabo.”

Super results, Jodi and Jessica!