Taking a Home-Based Business Out of the Park!

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Senior Regional Vice President Bryan Lang REGION: Game On! START DATE: Jan. 2, 2014 LINEAGE: Senior Regional Vice President Janet Smith, Livin’ & Lovin’ Lite Region

Bryan Lang of Buffalo, N.Y., knows all too well that nothing comes easy in life.

“I played baseball from the time I was big enough to hold a bat. I traveled across the country playing ball my whole life until I was about 17. I was all set up to go to a pretty big college on a baseball scholarship when I fractured my fibula playing roller hockey and wound up losing it all.”

Undaunted, he went to work in his mom’s flower shop where he learned a lot about life and working with people.

“I experienced the highs and lows of emotions in the flower business. One day someone is buying bouquets for the happiest day of their life [like] a wedding. The next they’re buying a funeral arrangement for a loved one. So, along with everything I learned being baseball player, I’ve picked up some people skills that help me [now].”

For Bryan, his new career in PartyLite has everything he’s looking for as he sets out to live life on his own terms – and at his own speed.

Home Based BussinessWithin six months of joining PartyLite, Bryan went from starry-eyed Consultant to Regional Vice President of the Game On! Region! And in nine more months, he promoted out to Senior Regional Vice President.

Senior Regional Vice President Janet Smith, Bryan’s upline Leader and full-time mentor, says, “Bryan is successful for a lot of very good reasons. He gets up and goes to work every day, has great role models in his parents, puts in long hours and is also very teachable. He’s smart, business savvy, and he has never asked me ‘Why?’ He just says ‘OK’ and works with me effort-for- effort.”

Janet has known Bryan for a long time because her son, Scott, is one of his best friends. After Bryan had struggled through those major setbacks in his life, Janet felt that she could offer him the opportunity he was searching for.

“I knew that he was looking for something extra, and he likes to travel,” Janet says. So one day she reached out to him. Bryan remembers it well.

“Janet sent me a text message that said, ‘Do you want to go to Cabo for free?’ I said, ‘Absolutely – what do I have to do?’”

The next thing he knew, Bryan was in Janet’s kitchen signing an independent PartyLite Consultant agreement that would change his life faster than anyone could have expected  – but not fast enough for him!

“I signed the agreement and was ready to go,” he recalls, “but I wasn’t scheduled to start until early January because Janet was going out of town for a training event with her SRVP, Teresa Schmidt of the Precious Moments II Region.

“I was so eager to get started that I asked if I could go, too. So, even before I became a Consultant, I went on a 10-hour bus trip to Michigan with 80 women to observe this incredible training event. When I saw Teresa Schmidt walk across the stage – the top earner in the company – and then Janet, the No. 4 earner, I said, ‘That’s where I want to be!’”

For Janet, there’s no mystery to Bryan achieving his dream. “There’s already a blueprint to get anywhere you want [to go] in this business,” she says. “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to put in the time and dedication and realize that not everything is going to work out perfectly. That’s what Bryan’s great at. He’s adaptable. He sets emotions aside and runs this like a business. He realizes that there are ups and downs and not everything is going to go his way.”

Bryan has learned that “if I do exactly what Janet says, do exactly what she does, I’m going to get the same results and outcomes.”

So far, Bryan’s outcomes have been nothing short of incredible. He has ascended every rung of the PartyLite Leadership ladder at a dizzying pace. And now, as the newest SRVP in Janet’s Livin’ & Lovin’ Lite lineage, he’s finding that it’s not lonely at the top at all. In fact, he feels fortunate to be on Janet’s RVP team along with RVP Stessa Becerril, SRVP Jennifer Holcomb, RVP Deb Tatlock and Janet.

Now, all eyes are on the future where Bryan’s potential is truly unlimited. “It’s all about hard work – age and gender don’t matter,” Janet says. “People who are willing to get up, roll up their sleeves, get to work and communicate with their teams always succeed. Bryan and I are out several times a week doing Parties and whatever we need to do to build a business. That’s a success plan no matter who you are.”

Bryan is reluctant to talk about his success plan because he knows he’s just getting started. But he is quick to talk about the vision he’s had from the start.

“I wanted to set my own income and create my own destiny,” he says. “That’s why I like baseball: It’s a team sport, but individual performance influences how the rest of the team does. It’s the same thing with PartyLite. Whether you’re at a Party or identifying future Leaders, individual performance is critical to the success of your entire team.

“A lot of people go into this to see how it goes, but I came in full steam ahead,” he says. “One time I asked Janet, ‘How fast can you get me to RVP?’ and she answered, ‘How fast do you want to run?’”

It’s obvious that Bryan Lang runs fast, and now that he’s a Senior Regional Vice President, it’s Game On! and the sky’s the limit.