Tami’s Financial Climb Includes a Love Story

Tami's Financial Climb includes a Love StoryLots of people “love” PartyLite, but not everyone actually finds love through a home based business. For 20-year Senior Regional Vice President Tami Hutchinson, that’s exactly what happened.

“When I was invited to my first Party, I was a single parent working full time and about to enter University,” Tami recalls. “I didn’t want to go because I was so incredibly broke, but a friend happened to stop by the night of the Party and said that he loved candles. He gave me $20 to buy him something. Well, two years later I started dating that friend – Alan – and we were married that year.”

Before long, that PartyLite love story turned a business success story, too. After booking a Party and learning more about the opportunity, Tami decided to join to pay off a bill.

“Well, I earned $2,300 profit that first month, so I quit my job and was able to solely focus on school.” Whether it’s with the support of her husband or amazing Region, teamwork has always been the hallmark of Tami’s career.
“Right from that first $20, Alan always said, ‘You can really do something with this.’ He’s my support and my sounding board. He’s always there and always encouraging me. He never says ‘give up,’ he says ‘get up.’”

Alan’s in good company with other outstanding people who’ve influenced Tami over the years. “I’ve been influenced by so many RVPs in the U.S. and Canada,” she says, “but I have to say SRVP Angie Carriere and SRVP Debby Richardson really stand out for me and have become two of my very best friends.”

Tami’s also very thankful for the support from Karen Loewen, who transitioned the then-Success Region over to her two years ago. The group would transform into the Greater Significance Region and continue to impress by winning this year’s prestigious Region of the Year award. Tami embodies the work hard, play hard philosophy of PartyLite, says Canada Vice President of Sales Tracie Graham.

“She literally is always doing something to share her love of the business,” Tracie says. “Sometimes business people try to keep business separate from family, but she’s really been successful at weaving those two things together. She might be working, but she’s playing, too. Literally, every day is packed with things to build her business.”

Tami is predictably humble about her success.

“After 20 years, I can see that I grew into an adult with PartyLite. Direct selling has made me a better person, and it’s had a huge impact on my life financially. When I started, I was 22 and my son was 4. Now Alan and I have three children ages 17 to 24 and the difference in our lives between then and now is just incredible. Now my goal is to help other people to move to RVP and have the freedom and choices we have.”

20 years ago, fate intervened to change the course of Tami’s life. Since then, she’s been living a true PartyLite love story, and she’s still just getting started.

Congratulations, Tami.